this is how buzz words are born…say hello to "synchromesh"

Ever wondered when/where buzz words are born…Recently Ray Ozzie had a keynote speech at the Mix 2008 conference and I was able to spot birth of a new buzzword, “synchromesh”

Ozzie teased the next evolution of his decades-long exploration of synchronization and collaboration, which he referred to as a “seamless mesh”–or what I’ll call “syncromesh”–in his Mix ’08 keynote in Las Vegas:

Just imagine the possibilities of unified application management across the device mesh, centralized, Web-based deployment of device-based applications. Imagine an app platform that’s cognizant of all of your devices. Now, as it so happens, we’ve had a team at Microsoft working on this specific scenario for some time, starting with the PC and focused on the question of how we might make life so much easier for individuals if we just brought together all your PCs into a seamless mesh, for users, for developers, using the Web as a hub.

Mark my words, if Microsoft is successful in pushing their agenda, then you will be hearing more and more of the word synchromesh until it will be come part of the Oxford dictionary. Just recently I talked at a conference about SaaS and had made a slide that shows the logical progression of technologies. I guess now I must go back to it and add synchromesh 🙂


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