Right way to build brand!

Google named world’s number 1 brand!

Google has been named the world’s number one and most powerful brand for the second year in a row, with an estimated value at $85,057 million. This, according to BrandZ’s top 100 brand ranking for 2008.

If you notice a company such as Nike is coming at #53. This is very surprising to me! I see lot more advertising and marketing done by Nike as compared to Google. These days every sport that you see on TV has Nike sponsorship! This holds true from US athletics to European soccer leagues to the latest Indian Premier League! You do not see any advertisements by Google at sports events, on billboards (except may be in Mountain view CA), or on TV! Despite that it is coming in at #1.

This talks a lot about the popularity of Google and it’s products. If you build the right product that solves right problems, people will notice you! Brand equity you build this way is long lasting and it is the right way to build brand awareness!

-Suhas A. Kelkar
VP Product Management, Digite


2 Responses to Right way to build brand!

  1. Monika Goyal says:

    Building Brand name needs more efforts than building a
    brand-product/business. It is not just a ‘name’ rather it also involves
    various related attributes which contributes in building a Brand name.
    Branding in more of communicating the distinctive identity (unique
    features or value) of a product/company.
    To build a brand name we need to first create a ‘Brand’- a good quality
    product which is rightly positioned int he market as well. To create and
    manage a brand one needs to continuously try to meet the customer and
    market needs. Once we are done with creating a world class product and
    defining of customer needs, we can start building the brand by
    thoroughly and consistently communicating the brand values to the
    customers.Also to build and maintain the Brand name we need to meet and
    rather exceed to what our brand promises to the customer, continuously
    look for opportunities & new trends in the market to always be the first
    mover and a successful brand.

  2. hitchhiker says:

    The quality (not just build, but functional) speaks bout the product. This is what has happened with google. Another most important reason for attaining that numero uno spot is the ‘Trust’.
    Interesting to see the last column in the graphic – Brand Value Change % – Look at Blackberry (390%)and Apple(123%). This % change is huge…. does this indicate they are heading towards the google direction?
    My two cents….

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