Facebook kids on to something big for enterprise?

October 6, 2008
Facebook co-founder Moskovitz leaves to start group collaboration company
It is a long shot but I would be curious to track what these kids come up with next and how it affects Globally distributed ALM space! These guys could very well come up with the next disruptive phenomenon/paradigm that we so desperately need! And who better to do it than co-founders of Facebook? Click on the link below for the full article or just read the excerpt below
….and the new project requires a company built around it from the ground up, with the goals of efficiency and group collaboration embedded deeply into its DNA from day 1.So we’ve decided to leave Facebook (in about a month) and start a new company, to build an extensible enterprise productivity suite, along with a high-level open-source software development toolkit, built for the Web from the ground up.