Changing the world, one light bulb at a time!

Here is an invention that will boggle your mind. These are the new light bulbs that are use virtually no electricity and they last for 50,000 hours. (That is 6 years of continuous operation!)

The fins on the light bulb are actually designed to allow heat to dissipate. These bulbs are designed by the company LightingScience. Each bulb costs over $125 each!!! Before you jump to conclusion that you will never buy such an expensive light bulb, consider the fact that you will save enough electricity in 7-8 months to offset the price. In addition you will NEVER have to replace it! I remember solving industrial engineering stastistical problems that dealt with the cost of changing light bulbs for large companies. Because cost of changing light bulbs is very high, it is actually very routine to change them even when they are not completely worn out. This is a huge wastage! Using one of these bulbs you are virtually eliminating the need to change light bulb ever!

When I look at this new invention from my product management hat, it is such an iconic example of doing new product development. When doing new product development, it is very essential to have a fresh perspective and not hamper your creativity based on what exists today! Only when you avoid the trap of doing something similar to what you know or see around you, then you can create something truly disruptive and revolutionary!

Let me know if you think you would buy this product at this entry price tag. Do you love your planet enough to take the plunge? 🙂


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