VmWorld 2009 Keynote Speech

This week I am attending VmWorld 2009 conference. This is the first time I am attending this conference and I am really looking forward to attending various interesting sessions. The agenda of sessions looks impressive.

Paul at KeynoteFollowing are my notes from the keynote speech by Paul Maritz, CEO of VmWare. The key theme of Pauls message was to “Energize business through IT”. As per him virtualization can help you with this theme in following three ways,

  • Saving financial energy via reducing capex and opex due to virtualized servers
  • Saving human energy (for data center folks) by focussing on delivering business services rather than hardware
  • Saving Earth’s engergy by reducing energy requirements of business by up to 80%

Another advantage of virtualization he pointed out was agility. He continued to point out that your business agility depends upon IT agility.

Couple of other nuggets from his speech,

  • Storage is one of the biggest costs for a data center. Requirement for storage keeps on increasing every day.
  • vSphere is one of the largest development activities that VmWare has undertaken in it’s history. He mentioned that it has taken 1500 engineers 2 years to build vSphere. Considering his Microsoft background, it is understandable that he has a strong inclination towards establishing vSphere as the cloud OS, or uberOS!
  • He unveiled IT in a box initiative for SMB businesses at $166 per processor pricing
  • There were 3 or 4 distict on stage demos. To me, those demos were not well connected with each other and showed only fractional feature leaps. One such demo was done by HP where they showed an integration with vCenter to manage physical servers from within vCenter UI.

To me, most interesting things from his speech were references to resource pools and overall VmWare direction. He mentioned that in coming year, there will be lot of new product launches from VmWare in the areas of Capacity Management, Configuration/Operations tools, Service catalogue, Self Service, Chargeback and most interestingly Application Provisioning and Application Scheduling!!! This is something that I personally would be tracking very closely!


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