Day 1 : VmWorld 2010

August 30, 2010

Writing an entry on this blog after a long time. Looking at my own blog I am realizing that most recent entries are all conference reports! 🙂

Day one at VmWorld 2010 conference was a much better experience than last year. The registration process was very efficient and materials pick up was smooth. Unlike last year lines were shorter.

At first you don’t understand the meaning of the tag line of the conference, “Virtual Roads. Actual Clouds”. The tag line is pretty well advertised and you start seeing it even when two blocks away from Moscone Center. Once you give it a bit of thought you realize the neat message that VmWare is trying to convey from that simple line. It has always been the case that VmWare wants you to think that everything is 100% virtual (VMs). So the tag line is actually saying that Virtualization is THE road to realize actual clouds!! I think it is a brilliant tag line that conveys their strategy in simple 4 words!

First session I attended was by our very own CTO, Kia Behnia, “A Vision for a Hybrid Cloud: Seamless and Consistent Management of Private and Public Cloud Environments”. I have seen Kia’s presentations before and it is always engaging and educating for audiences. Today also he did an excellent job and outlined 10 steps for enterprises to move to using hybrid clouds. I could see many audience members furiously jotting down those 10 points as Kia was going over them.

Second session I attended was by VmWare team and was about “vApps, OVF and Advanced VM Templates in vSphere”. It was presented by Steffen Grarup and Martin Amdisen of VmWare. Steffen used the analogy of shipping containers that revolutionized shipping industry. He said that similar to shipping containers we need a “software container” that can reduce end to end application movement friction and foster application mobility between clouds. The three containers he outlined were,

  1. VMs
  2. vApp
  3. OVF Package

Here are some links to explore the vApp, OVF further, ovf, vApp. Last but not least their blog is at,