Day 2 : One war ends and another begins…

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Day 2 at VmWorld was very exciting. The highlight of the day was the keynote speech by Paul Maritz and Stephen Herrod. The complete recording of the keynote is here.

Paul introduced the concept of IT As A Service and the three layers that he calls the “New Stack”. In the bottom most layer called Cloud Infrastructure & Mgmt is composed of all the building blocks such as vSphere, vCenter, vShield and the latest vCloud Director. vCloud Director is VmWare’s official entry into the cloud management space.

The second layer is what VmWare calls as Cloud Application Platform. This is where their latest acquisitions such as Spring, GemStone and Hyperic play a vital role. This according to VmWare is what new applications of tomorrow need to be built upon!

The top most layer is End User Computing and this is where they have put desktop virtualization VmWare View and even SaaS applications.

It was interesting to see VmWare’s attempt of redefining the space with this “new stack”! VmWare is simultaneousness taking on players from infrastructure (compute, network, storage), middleware (PaaS players, security players) and end user (SaaS, virtual desktop and mobile device management). IMHO, it’s a good strategy however it appears that they are spreading themselves too thin.

After Paul Maritz, Stephen articulated their new strategy very well. I especially liked the way he explained the concept, “Service Catalog in Enterprise” analogous to “App Store for Consumer”. This was very innovative and refreshing.

It almost seems like VmWare wants to distance itself from the commodity markets of virtualization platforms and move up the ladder into our space, management space!

Today VmWare also unveiled their latest acquisitions namely Integrien and TriCipher.

It is a very interesting coincidence that President Obama declared an end of war in Iraq on the same day that VmWare now engages in a fierce, hand to hand combat with new competitors! Life gets interesting…


One Response to Day 2 : One war ends and another begins…

  1. ohad R says:

    Great article. I loved the ending paragraph, with the relation to the end-of-war in Iraq 🙂

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