IoT Coming to a Door Near You!

We all have been hearing about the Internet of Things (commonly referred to as Io T) for many years now.  The name Io T is usually credited to Kevin Ashton for using it first all the way back in 1999. And we have all heard about how refrigerators will be able to monitor your food inventory and if you are running low on milk would automatically place an order! However after all these years as I gulp down the last cup of milk somehow I keep wishing for milk to automagically show up on my door steps!

However last week I came across a start up that made me think that I may be closer to “Got Milk” stage than ever before. The start up is called August, You must to watch their introductory video, they have indeed done a great job of it! 


I am sure you know of many such examples that are currently taking shape whether it is the central monitoring of all BMW cars or the ultimate Quantified Self via fitbit, nike+ and other plethora of apps!

Io T may have been slow to get off the starting blocks but I am sure that it is going to pick up rapid steam and we will finally start seeing the results all around us. I have reserved my lock, are you going to too? 


Another interesting thing about August is that they don’t even have a product yet. I am seeing this trend more and more where you come up with a great product idea and start selling. Once you have million customers signed up to purchase your product, they you go build the product! Another famous example of this has been pebble, which raised the $100000 funding in mere two hours! This model of doing business is extremely interesting but that’s a topic for another article some other time! Till then, I better go to my favorite grocery store and buy some milk!


One Response to IoT Coming to a Door Near You!

  1. It was nice catching up with you last Friday. The phenomenon you mentioned – selling an idea before you build anything – is definitely worth studying further. I always thought prototype is crucial for selling your idea. But this assumptions needs to be re-checked.

    Keep sharing your insights. Thanks.

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