Demystifying buzz words…

August 8, 2016

Once in a while you get a chance to work on a presentation that is simultaneously challenging and extremely interesting. My challenge was to explain some of the most exciting topics (Containers, Micro-services, DCOS, Block chain architecture and Deep Learning) to Sales folks with an attention span of a goldfish! (Digression: It is no longer okay to humiliate goldfish about it’s attention span since it was recently discovered that humans have shorter attention span ¬†than goldfish!). I found myself totally engrossed in researching and putting together this presentation and in the end it was very well received. So without further adieu here is my presentation,¬†DemystifyingBuzzWords. Do check out the last slide for some of the excellent articles which formed the basis for my slides.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 10.37.03 AM